Aspiring to provide individuals and families with the means, opportunity and power to develop their full potential in the community

Through on-site visits and telephone consultation Consultation Services for Children’s
mental health clinicians can:

  • provide and discuss information on topics related to children’s social and emotional development
  • provide and discuss information on creating a classroom and home environment that supports healthy social-emotional development
  • conduct individual child observations
  • design and help implement targeted support to meet the identified needs of a child or children based on observations
  • model effective strategies and coach staff in using them to support a child or group of children
  • offer ideas and suggestions for teaching young children social skills and appropriate behavior
  • guide selection and use of social emotional screening tools
  • train staff in creating and implementing individualized behavior support plans based on the results of screenings
  • support early childhood staff with classroom management strategies
  • conduct home or center visits with families as needed to provide information related to child’s mental health needs
  • provide crisis intervention services when needed on behalf of a child
  • link child/family to community mental health services and assist with care coordination
  • help programs develop inclusive policies for working with children with challenging behaviors

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